You are not broken...

You can be happy

Gain happiness and motivation that is real and consistent 

We are told from a young age to stop the day dreaming, and instead handed a checklist of things to do...

Get the education, the career, the car, house, marriage, the kid, have the nights out, the party, the drugs the alcohol.....and then you will be a success! But what about being happy?? We get closer to our thirties and realise that none of that matters and all we really feel is this ongoing depressing heaviness in our chest. So many of us are in a room full of people but feel completely alone; instead of love or acceptance there is just this despairing lonely, sad emptiness that no one and nothing can fill.

So you build up a little bit of energy and confidence and reach for help. You try the GP, the counselling, the psychotherapy, all their strategies and maybe even the medication. But you still feel this way, so then what? Am I unfixable? Am I broken? Will I always feel this way? Society says get over it, smile or your face will stay that way, it's just a feeling it won't kill you.....

It is not ok to be left to feel this way with no real guidance. This is when the spiral worsens, and you may have had suicidal thoughts and feel that life is just pointless. Some people just stay forever medicated so that they can never actually feel any emotion, for the fear that it may be a negative one. Is that really how any of us want to live? I know I didn't and that's why I am here for you. 


You are not broken and irreparable. You are a victim of a society that tries to contain people with fear tactics, but there is a way out of this situation and this feeling, and it is actually very simple and I can show you how.

Whether it is through yoga, meditation, a bubble bath, a game of football or a bike ride, it is about connecting to who YOU are, not what others think you should be.

We are all individuals with our own unique passions and experiences, and so this is what we work on. When you realise that you can control the way that you feel, the way that you respond, the choices you make, and that voice in your head....that is when you can start to really feel happy and really fill that hole that you've been searching your whole life to fill.


Nehaya has really helped me to see where I had been holding myself back in my life, and supported me to make some tough decisions that I had been avoiding. Now I have a great job and relationship and am the happiest I've ever been! 

Laura from Bristol, UK

You have helped me  tremendously from across the ocean! Love you! 

Chas from Canada

I love that you absolutely have me and what makes you completely unique is that you do not judge no matter what I have told you.You turn my problems into solutions that are real for me so I know I can achieve them.

Anon from London, UK

I had a very enlightening session with Nehaya. She is a very caring coach, with careful words. She gave me some practical advice which I took on board, and has helped me get through a difficult couple of weeks. I'm still in the process of using my new self healing tools... thank you from Paris!

Leila from Paris France


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My services really help people to figure their crap out and heal their whole  mind, body and spirit to actually feel happy.

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