6 Week Package 


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A Coach isn't just for sports personalities and singers. I can help you to improve every aspect of your life and get rid of that empty feeling. I'm sure you're tried the counselling, therapy or anti-depressants, and none of it has worked. You feel like the doctors have nothing left for you, and maybe you are going to be broken forever, which just feels depressing. Life feels pretty pointless and you really don't want to spend the rest of your life feeling like this. 

That's where I come in - I can help you to start actually enjoying your life, start to really appreciate and feel connected with the people around you. Get some hobbies, achieve all those things you always said you wanted to do but never have the time or energy for. Life does not have to be waking up every day hating who you see in the mirror, depressed  and feeling stuck and lost, with no way out; You do not have to just be prioritising work, family and everyone else, just to feel a million miles away from them at the end of the day anyway. You do not have to feel alone in a room full of people. 


You can be confident...You can be happy...and you can start to really enjoy the people around you and feel loved. 

So what do you need to do to achieve this? 

Firstly, you need to just have a free chat with me. 


One size does NOT fit all in my program, and so we have a chat initially to make sure that we can put things in place that will work for you! Not everyone wants to do yoga or meditate...! That's where I work with you as an individual so that you really do come away with your own action plan and tools that will work for you even after our program has ended. You also need to be able to trust me and be open with me; I am going to push you to get you through this, and so if you feel I'm not right for you then that is it and at least you will come away with an idea of where you want to go. 

You need to be willing to show up and put in the work to make changes; some days that will feel impossible and others it will feel so life changing. Tell me when it feels hopeless and let me pull you out of it. This process is so SIMPLE, but it is not easy. We will go through that deep despairing heavy feeling inside of you, and I know that sounds painful right now, but I promise that it gets so easy so quickly, and we only weed all the crapness out so that it can do one forever. 

But I am with you at every step, being your accountability partner, your cheerleader, and that support system.

Coaching is an investment in you and your future so that you can get happy.​

Benefits of my Coaching:

  • You will start getting what you want from life

  • You will feel comfortable being on your own and enjoy your own company

  • You will be able to deal with all the crap life throws at you easily without it getting you stressed or  angry

  • You will be more positive and just feel happier generally day to day

  • You will feel better about yourself and be more confident in your decisions

  • You get an accountability buddy to push you all the way to the end goal!

  • You will feel like you have a deeper understanding of who you are

  • You will feel more connected to people around you and enjoy socialising again

  • You will be able to stand up for yourself and what you want

  • You will actually believe in yourself and know your strengths



Initial 60 minute Session - Free

The 6 Week package is usually £750 if paid in full, or £900 with payment plan (payment amounts can be discussed in initial chat)

To Celebrate us all "Getting back to it!", I am offering the 6 Week Package for £495 when booked in September 2020 and paid in full!! 


  • Weekly 60minute sessions conducted via Online Zoom or Skype Video Calls, or can be face to face if local to me.

  • Access to me via messaging so as to support the work you are completing outside of sessions.

  • Any work will be emailed to you with personalised actions and things to work on and do in between sessions.

  • Access to future programs and workshops in the future. 

  • We can have a pause week if beneficial or if you have a commitment during our program time (holiday, etc) - this is to be arranged prior to the session between us 

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