Holistic Counselling

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Holistic Counselling is not about diagnosing you as something wrong like standard Counselling or psychotherapy may have done in the past. You are not broken as a person or unfixable. You can heal past memories, you can forgive people who have wronged you, and you can release these negative patterns from your life.

In Holistic Counselling we accept who you are in this moment, exactly as you are, where you are and whatever you are dealing with currently. You already have all the tools inside of you, and all I do is help you to find that inner strength and courage to overcome this block and leave it well and truly in the past. 

Once you have accepted who you are right now, you will understand how you work on a deeper level so that you can get back in control of your life and how you feel, so that any past issues, traumas or pains, will no longer cause that distress or overwhelming feeling that it has been every time it comes up. 

Benefits of Holistic Counselling:

  • You will deal with a negative experience such as bereavement, divorce, abuse more positively

  • Stop feeling anger, resentment or pain about a situation that is in the past

  • You will feel stronger so that when crap happens, it doesn't effect you negatively anymore 

  • Forgive the people around you or in your past so you can move on from it

  • You will feel more positive and motivated about the future

  • You can finally release all that negative energies to become more at peace with the past 

In the initial free consultation we will have a chat to make sure this is the right program for you and that I am the best person to support you. I get that you need to be able to trust me and open up to me about some really difficult stuff. Some individuals may only need a couple of sessions to work on a particular issue or negative belief, whilst others will benefit from a longer program and we will discuss this to make sure that you get the best results! 

Get in touch to arrange your FREE initial chat so we can look at the best options for you going forward.


First Initial Consultation/Chat - FREE


Two 60minute Sessions - £150 - implement changes and then check in either two weeks or a month later.

5 Session Package - £360

10 Session Package - £720 


  • 60minute sessions conducted via Online Zoom or Skype Video Calls, or can be face to face if local to me.

  • Access to me via messaging so as to support the work you are completing outside of sessions.

  • Discount on any additional sessions requested.

  • Access to future programs and workshops in the future.

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