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About Me

I am a creative, independent Aries woman who you will either find randomly busting dance moves and singing my heart out to all sorts of music, smashing it in a Spin or Carnival Fitness Class, or chilling in a Spa or in Spain, maybe having an amazing massage or session of reflexology (LOVE IT!). I am into my fitness, nutrition, spirituality and absolutely love helping others around me. I have the gift of being able to connect with men, women and children due to my all round background, and am also completely attuned to my inner self and guides so that I can connect on a deeper level.

I utilise my passions into tools to completely help others; I think everyone should be inspired and empowered to be really happy in this life we have and live the ultimate high vibe lifestyle! 


However, in 2015, I was a completely different person.

I was deemed a success to my friends and family as I had ticked off most of life's "to do's": I had moved to a new city away from home, finished university with a Upper Second Degree, got married, had a child, bought our first house, and I was in a successful well paid Managerial Role which was going extremely well. I'd worked my way up and overtaken peers in most jobs I had ever been in and came across as confident and able to do anything.


To the outside world, I was unstoppable. But in reality, I was an emotional and mental wreck. 

I felt alone even in the fullest of rooms, I felt depressed, like a failure. I hated being home as I felt disconnected from my loved ones, thought I was useless as a mother and wife, and would excessively drink to try to feel a slight glimpse of happiness. I blamed most things on the closest person to me, my husband, and our marriage finally fell apart in January 2015.  I jumped from heavy nights out and men, to new negative friendship circles, pushing away anyone good and hated what I saw in the mirror. My weight had always been a battle, but I stopped even trying. 

In April 2016, I was laid on my sofa crying my eyes out contemplating ending it all and how to seriously do it. I was signed off work sick with stress on antidepressants, I'd had a miscarriage the month before, I had just been dumped by a guy I’d been seeing since my failed marriage, I had a 4 year old daughter who I felt hated me, I was so overweight that nothing fitted; I felt completely alone, depressed and anxious. Nobody really knew how I felt and all thought I was fine and the soul of the party. I thought I had no where to turn. The thoughts in my head spiralled with "What is wrong with me? Why do I always ruin everything? I can never be happy? What's the point...?"

It was at this exact moment, that a part of me told me to get the hell up and get real. I knew I had to do something drastic; I couldn’t get any lower, and I really did not want to leave my daughter motherless. I went on a complete journey in the next few months to transform my life, got control of my self and took responsibility for all the crap in my life and then forgave myself for it. I looked at my life and got real and decluttered all the crap and waded through the insecurities and patterns that had been holding me back all this time. I went away completely on my own to get to know myself, and came back in July 2016 like a weight had completely lifted, like a new woman. I was finally truly happy. 

Once I stopped blaming the world around me and took control of my self, I gave myself the power to change it. I started my journey discovering the Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Reflexology, Astrology and Angel Cards. Now I am a Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner running my own business and living my ideal life, free from the Status Quo crap! Does life still throw stuff at me sometimes? Absolutely YES! But does it knock me down on my arse anymore or effect me? NOPE!! I am now in control of my happiness and no one gets me down!


I have overcome the emotional eating, the weight battles, the depression and anxiety: Now I know who I am and I love her - I have hobbies, confidence, I smile, I have the most incredible relationship with my daughter, I have my dream car, I travel, I love exercising, and I am living my dream of helping others to get to the same place. I owe my journey to life coaching which is why I am so passionate in what I do. I have big goals, dreams and desires, which I used to think was a bad thing; since then I have taken risks and up-levelled in amazing ways because I truly believe that we are capable and deserving of our dreams! 

Still not sure if coaching is for you? I don't work with everyone which is why we have an initial free clarity call - I need to absolutely connect with you so I can really push you to where you need to go, and you need to be completely ready to put in the work - Life change is SIMPLE, but it is not always easy; the best most rewarding things always feel better when you've really put something into it!

One last thought, Would you invest in a spa day which gives you a day of stress free relaxation?

Imagine investing in something that gives you lifetime relief. 

xx Nehaya xx

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